How to become a virtual air traffic controller?

As an air traffic controller you need to have a large knowledge on ATC, a good sense on 3-dimensional imagination and thinking and the willing to train your skills for a long time. This is not something you can just do right away. It takes time and engagement on learning and training. This requires a lot of time. So if you consider becoming a vATCO now, be aware that this is not just a one hour thing. The training we provide is orientated to real life procedures. While real ATC Training takes years, we try to provide you with all knowledge and procedures within weeks and months. At the end, your time available and your skills will decide how fast and efficient your training is.

Is any pre-knowledge helpful?

You should be good in speaking English. But on the other side nothing else is really needed. 3-dimensional imagination and thinking, the ability to concentrate and patience is something your training will benefit from.

How to become vATCO?

1) Sign up for a VATSIM account and join the VATMENA division by following the directions here.
    Note: Please wait atleast 24 hours after step 1 before proceeding to Step 2.
2) Send an e-mail to the vACC staff and request ATC training [email protected]

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VATSIM is the Virtual Air Traffic Simulation network, connecting people from around the world flying online or acting as virtual Air Traffic Controllers.


VATME - VATSIM Middle East & North Africa Divison is part of the Africa and Middle East Region on the VATSIM Network.

Egyptair Virtual

Egyptair Virtual simulates the real life operations of Egyptair yet is not releated to the actual Egyptair.